Winter Sunrise Extravaganza

"Sunrise in the Treetops", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", copyright 2015 Nina Davidowitz

"Sunrise in the Treetops", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30", copyright 2015 Nina Davidowitz

Winter sunrises can be spectacular! Whether you are living in the crisp and cold climate of the north or the sunny south, somehow a sunrise in the winter months is full of special light. 

It was a spectacular winter sunrise that inspired this month's featured painting, "Sunrise in the Treetops". It was created while I was living in a cottage in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, surrounded by tall pine trees and situated on a hill overlooking the town. My art studio had windows that faced to the east. Early morning work was very inspiring as I would watch the sun rising in those windows.

Detail Trees, Sunrise in Treetops.png

One winter morning I was bedazzled by the early morning light filtering through the trees across the street. It had snowed the night before, and everything was blanketed by a fresh coat of powder. The sky seemed to be aglow with shimmery pastel colors that looked like they were caught up in the treetops. I took several photos and then began to sketch the scene on my canvas. I worked on the painting for several months, adjusting the colored shapes and their placement in the sky, until I got it just right. 

"Sunrise in the Treetops" has a color palette that I don't often use. Most of my paintings are full pf vibrant blues and greens, whereas this one has such lovely pastel hues. The combination of lavenders, mauves, rich browns, and that soft light-blue create a quiet and serene feeling. 

Detail, Houses: Sunrise in Treetops.png

I especially love the view of the houses and little garage buildings in this painting. Nestled under the trees, their boxy shapes make a great design silhouetted against the snow. I can fondly remember all of the activity that took place in this little grove of trees throughout the seasons: raking the leaves in fall; mowing the grassy areas in summer, with little kids running through the backyards; shoveling sidewalk pathways and hanging up Christmas lights in the winter. It was a special place to live, with wonderful neighbors. This painting reminds me that nature's most beautiful treasures are often in our own backyard.   

The original painting of "Sunrise in the Treetops" is available for purchase and awaits a spectacular home setting. It is also available as a set of notecards and as a Gilcée print in my website shop.

I hope my painting has inspired you for this new month...the first of the year! Let's make it a good one. Sending love and blessings to you all!