March Pet Parade!

Hello and Happy Spring! This month I'm introducing you to some new pet portraits as well as revisiting some "oldies but goodies". It's fun to look back at all the wonderful animals I've come to know over the years, as well as to touch base with the owners and hear new stories about their beloved fur babies. There's a horse in our parade this month, and I can't wait for you to hear his special story. Enjoy! 


Zoe Apisson.jpg

A few words about Zoë from her mom: "It was love at first sight with our precious Shih Tzu Zoë who lived a beautiful life until the age of Sweet 16. We cherished everything about her; how she could make her puppy dog eyes become glassy on command when she wanted something, the “snarfy” noises she would make when she was sleeping or the way her cute little paws sometimes smelled like Fritos. We affectionately called her by dozens of made-up monikers with “The Loosh” being the most common amongst friends & family. Zoë adored snuggling on the couch, playing with furry squeak toys, special treats like popcorn & ice cream, playing hide & seek, getting her hair brushed & belly rubs to name just a few. She was loving, smart & kind to all. She also had her “Diva” moments & we’re quite confident she felt as though she was The Queen of the household. There’s no denying she was our little Princess & we were blessed beyond words to have her in our life to know & Love. Nina’s beautiful portrait brings us comfort & joy as we celebrate our beloved Zoë, forever in our hearts & in the hearts of all who knew & loved her!"



Bella Portrait.JPG

Sweet Bella is another cutie whose spirit lives over the rainbow bridge. This is one of the first portraits I did with patterns in the background. She looks as though she is on a picnic in the backyard! Bella's Mum-mum has this to share with us:  "Bella was the traveling dog, a Jack Russell with lots of energy and so smart! She was my daughter's dog that loved staying with us. When it was time to leave she would go out to the car as if to say "it was nice seeing you all"... and then turn around and head up the steps to go back into our house! She loved her Pop-pop so much she would squeeze into the tiniest spot by him, usually under his computer. We miss her so much!"  Sending hugs to pretty Bella!


Annabelle, in Orange and Blue

Annabekke Orange.png
Annabelle Blue.JPG

A few years ago, dear friends asked me to paint some pet portraits for Christmas presents. I ended up doing two different portraits of Anabelle, who was a puppy at the time. It was fun picking out her poses and choosing the bright colors for the backgrounds.  Adorable four-year old Annabelle is an Old English sheepdog. Her owners say: "Annabelle is very playful and doesn't realize her size! She always walks around the house with a toy in her mouth."  We're glad you are having fun, Anabelle! Thanks for being in our Parade!  




I painted this portrait of Buddy a few years ago. I just love his smile! Here's what Buddy's mom shares with us about him:  "Buddy was the greatest dog - a true friend to any and all. We decided to get a Bernese mountain dog because our oldest son was very afraid of dogs. We decided the only way to combat this fear is to get the biggest friendliest dog of all. In came “Mr. Buddles", as he affectionately came to be known. Buddy was sweet, warm, gentle, and known as a hugger - he’d hug you with his front leg, wrapping his paw around your calf if you came close. He’d lean in for the “buddle hug” and everyone who knew him was hooked on Buddy. Unfortunately Buddy left us too early at age five, but Nina’s beautiful painting of him reminds us of him and his love and hugs everyday. We are so grateful to have such a beautiful painting gracing our home of our dear furry friend."



Shooter Greenwald.png

I haven't done many portraits of horses, but I think they are beautiful animals and would love to do more! Shooter was so much fun to paint. It takes a loving family to adopt an older animal, especially a horse. Shooter's mom shared this story about him:  "Shooter is our "rescue" horse who we adopted in 2008 when he was 10 years old. He is now 18. Shooter is a beautiful, smart and reliable Quarter Horse who loves to spend his days eating grass and hanging out with his herd in Harding, PA, where he resides.  He is sorrel, or chestnut, in color and he can be described as lovable, calm, good-natured and trustworthy.  Shooter loves to eat apples and carrots as his treats usually after going on a nice, long trail ride when the weather permits.  As Herman Melville once said, "Honor lies in the mane of a horse".  Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us!  




Jellybean was one of my very first pet portraits. The bright red background goes well with her black-and-white coloring, and also reflects her shining personality! Jellybean's mom writes:  "Jellybean was adopted from a shelter in Bowling Green, Kentucky almost ten years ago. She arrived in our home quiet, shy and sad. It took a while, but once she realized she was in her forever home she started issuing orders and we haven't stopped minding her since. She is funny and sweet and we cannot imagine life without her. Please please... for the other Jellybeans out there... adopt -  don't shop!!!!"  We love you, Jellybean!


Thank you for reading about the special animals in this month's Parade. If you would like information about how to commission a Pet Portrait of your own, please click the "Learn More" button below. All portraits will be featured in upcoming Pet Parades.

Be sure to hug your pet today, and have a wonderful day!