April Pet Parade!

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Here it is...April's Pet Parade!...a celebration of some of the many pets I have come to know and love from working on their pet portraits. This month's selection of paintings includes the fur babies of some of my Pennsylvania friends. I am glad to know that most of these sweeties are still with us, but a few have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. This is why these portraits are so special...they remind us of the love we shared with our loyal and loving animal friends. On a lighter note, we have four fun doggies and one beautiful cat to celebrate today! Join me in saying hello to Fritz, Arbor, Molly, Scarlet and Tovah!  :)Nina



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Doesn't Fritz look handsome in this portrait? The little blurb below was written by Fritz himself. He is such a character!

"Hi! I'm Fritz! I am a miniature Schnauzer. Some say I am pretty rare since I have a white coat. I think I look pretty dapper!

What I love the most is being with my people and my two fur brothers. All you need to do is look into my eyes to see the joy I feel with my family!

Two of my favorite things to do are : play with a squeaky toy like it is an instrument. I am really good at keeping time. And I love to sing and howl. When I'm encouraged to do it , I am very happy and willing. 

My nick name is " Little Me Too " because no matter what my brothers are doing I always want to be doing that too along with being the center of attention. I know that gets annoying, but I can't help it, I am a Schnauzer!!!

Life is Good!!"



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I remember doing this portrait of Scarlet, and thinking: what beautiful colors she has! Here are some words from her mom: "Scarlet was a Brittany. Brittanies are a very calm breed most of the time. Scarlet never barked; she communicated in other ways as if barking were too vulgar for her. Scarlet was a slow learner, almost as if she knew she was going to have 13 years on this earth and didn’t need to rush. Come! If I feel like it. Stay! If I feel like it. Sit! If I feel like it. Scarlet’s size and long legs allowed her to reach things on the kitchen counter including a full pan of brownies, an entire stick of butter, a platter of meat and cheese and a pair of prescription sunglasses! She loved to swim, first in our pool then later in our lake. She always tried to make friends with people and other animals which usually worked out ..... except for the beaver in the lake! Scarlet went to doggie heaven a few years ago and we miss her a lot."




The photo I used for this portrait of Molly was so pretty, with the light from a setting sun creating pale blue shadows on her fur. I am glad to hear that Molly is still going strong!

"Molly is a rescue dog, a mix of Border Collie, and Argentine Dogo and who knows what else. She’s the nicest dog we’ve ever had. A little bit nervous with a deep bark much bigger than her size. She loves to rip the stuffing out of plush toys and has a basket full of carcasses to prove it! She loves to kiss her daddy’s head and snuggle up to her mom for a back rub. She enjoys running in our yard, chasing away the deer. We call her Molly Wally Border Collie and sing to her the Hamilton theme substituting Molly Wally Millington for Alexander Hamilton. Her favorite time is Family Time where the three of us get close on the couch and kiss each other. Molly is our child, our joy." 



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I have only done a few portraits of cats, and Arbor was a challenge, with all of her stripes! Her green eyes are mesmerizing. Here's what her dad has to say about her: "On a morning walk, Michele heard a cry in the woods. Upon investigating she found a kitten in a tree, probably one week old. We named her Arbor and she was with us for 14 wonderful years. She was an outdoor cat in her early years with her own cat door. She would often leave on Friday and return on Sunday. We said she went to the “Cat Dance” to see he sisters. When we moved, Arbor disappeared one day.  She found her way back to the old house and went in the cat door! After that she became an indoor cat with a litter box, sleeping in our bed every night. She was always nervous and hid when people came over. Very few people knew we had a cat because Arbor hid from all but a few friends and family. Since Arbor passed and went to the “great cat dance in the sky” we sometimes think we see her in the shadows of our bedroom where she spent so much time .... relaxing and looking out the window." 




This portrait of Tovah is so sweet! Just look at her warm and loving eyes and her velvety ears. Tovah's moms miss her very much: "We chose Tovah out of a litter of 11 puppies, and loved the way she toddled over to us, wagging her tail and bobbing her head. She was all personality, with a special swinging stride and eyes that could melt an iceberg. As her wonderful sitter, Bill Brown, said in his elequent essay about Tovah, “How to Train Your Human,” “she made a low gutteral moan, not loud enough to cause concern, but audible throughout the house,” that brought attention to her needs. She had a musical voice that was used artfully to help us understand just what we should be doing at any time. Nina has captured Tovah’s spirit beautifully in this portrait, and we cherish it and our fond memories of Tovah, the expert human trainer."

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Thank you for reading our April Pet Parade! If Nina has done a portrait for you in the past and you would like to be included in an upcoming Parade, contact her by clicking here.

All of Nina's new pet portraits are included in upcoming Parades. Maybe it is time for your furbaby's portrait to be painted! Time is short...don't delay it for too long. We know it will be a painting that you will cherish forever.

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