Pet Portrait Spotlight!

The holiday season was a busy one for me, with many adorable pets to paint! While I wait for the owners to send me their stories, let’s take a look at one special pet: Charlie the Boxer. Charlie recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge. His mom Diane shares this heart-felt story with us:




“Charlie was a very special Boxer. He was my little boy. I never thought I could love a dog as much as I loved Charlie. He was so sweet, and had such a cute face. He could win almost anyone over during their first meeting. He was extremely affectionate, and tenderly loving.

He loved nothing more than to cuddle up in our lap for a nap, or just to be held. Charlie was spirited, vivacious and playfully mischievous. He would frequently go into the master closet, snatch a shoe, and come running by with the look of “catch me if you can”. Of course he was too fast to catch, and lucky for us, he understood “leave it”. He loved his toys, and was the most playful dog we have ever had. He could even entertain himself with a sock, and would do a downward facing dog pose upon command.

Throughout Charlie’s short life (only 7 years), he had numerous severe health problems. Despite all he encountered, he always woke up in a happy and loving mood. He was never one to bark much; instead he would actually huff & puff, or snort to get our attention. His personality was so vibrant, he could light up not just a room, but rather our entire house.

We love and miss him more than words can say.”

Thank you, Diane for sharing your story!

I currently have openings for pet portraits starting March 1st. All you need to do is email me some photos and we can get started on that special portrait for you beloved fur baby. :)

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Wishing you a great day!

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