March's "Pet Parade"!

I just love to hear the stories about the “Pets behind the Portraits”. Each animal I paint has their own unique personality and journey . But they all have one thing in common: the unconditional love they bring into our lives. This month’s Parade features Rosie, Kobe and Dubya….three special cuties. Many thanks to their moms - Cynthia, Susan and Wendy - for taking the time to write to me and sharing their stories with us!


Rosie FInal Painting - Wendy Grubbs.jpg

Cynthia says: “Rosie and I met 1 1/2 years ago six months after I had to put my rescue dog down. I contacted a breeder of miniature long-haired dachshunds. This breeder bred for show and had a six month female who did not make the cut, so to speak!!! Rosie and I became best friends immediately.  She is the most loving, sweet dog and is packed with personality. She can be very mischievous, as when I left her in the car with a Starbucks Frappuccino in the cup holder in the front seat. When I got in the car, the straw was out of the drink and Rosie’s very long nose was covered in whipped cream. She was so pleased! She has the most expressive eyes and rolls them at the most perfect time. And she sleeps on the back of the sofa. She jumps up from the seat of the  sofa to the back and has only gone all the way over the sofa to the floor once!!! She is the funniest dog ever, and I love her as well as anyone else who meets her.”



Kobe FInal Painting- Wendy Grubbs .jpg

Susan tells us: “In July 2017 we adopted Kobe when he was surrendered by his owners.  Kobe had been crated in a very small crate and was so thin that it brought tears to your eyes.  After having ear surgery from untreated ear infections, Kobe was brought to NC to his new home. One of the reasons we chose Kobe was that his description said he was good with cats. Kobe quickly adapted to all of us, and Rocky the cat too. His second night here he jumped into our bed and he has not missed a night since then! Kobe enjoys his big backyard, and looking out all the windows at everyone on the golf course, too. While we do not think he was taken on walks regularly, he has decided that they are his favorite thing to do and will make you feel very guilty if he doesn’t get to go. Kobe generally is not very happy when we leave home and to make sure you hurry back, he usually goes to the front window and watches you leave with a sad-looking face. Months after being here we noticed upon returning home each day that Kobe began to give us a big grin showing top and bottom teeth. This has become a daily routine and immediately brings joy to everyone he shares his love and personality with.  We hope that he has developed this habit from the smiles he receives from us each day as we are blessed by the love, energy and happiness he has brings to everyone he greets.”



Dubya Grubbss Final Painting.jpg

Dubya is a 13-year-old senior rescue dog who was adopted about a year ago by his mom, Wendy. I have known Wendy for many years, and admire her for many reasons…especially her dedication to rescuing dogs who need good homes. Wendy is a board member of PetConnect Rescue, an organization that has recently launched a Senior Dog Program, recognizing that seniors are usually overlooked due to their age and are most at risk to be euthanized. Because of Wendy’s passion, Dubya is a lucky guy who shares his home with three other rescues…Jellybean, Stella, and Camilla. 

Wendy says: “He is the sweetest, easiest old man. I have had him for a year. When he wants to go out late, he lowers his bark as if he knows it is nighttime. And he is super neat. He likes to be clean and loves soft fleece blankets. He always has a smile and is learning to let me hug him and relax his head in my arms. What a victory! All rescues are unique and come with a story. He is almost human, and so kind. Just a sweet, old gentleman…like a professor that fell on hard times, and knows it… but is willing to live again. He is kind of my hero.”

Regarding her work in Oxford, Maryland, Wendy continues: “There are 573 senior dogs in shelters within 100 miles of Oxford  looking for homes,” she says. “I want to convince people to think of adopting from a shelter as being the only option instead of an option. We’re still euthanizing 4 million adoptable animals per year, and it really breaks my heart.”*

For more information about PetConnectRescue, please check out their website at: where you will find information about their Senior Dog Program.

*This paragraph is quoted from an article titled “Wendy Grubbs’ Campaign to Rescue the Old Dogs on the Shore” written by Val Cavalheri, The Talbot Spy, February 14, 2019.

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