Your Pet Deserves Only the Best!

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Interested in a Pet Portrait?

Our furry and feathered friends are more than just "pets"...they are important members of our family. Honor them by commissioning a hand-painted's a gift you will treasure forever!

Nina works from your favorite photos to create an original portrait that captures the unique personality and spirit of your pet. In her 35 years of painting experience, the pet portraits are the most fun for her to paint. She feels that she "communes" with the pet while painting, and that is what infuses her work with so much wonderful energy.  

The portraits are done using acrylic paints on canvas, and are lovingly crafted using many thin layers of paint. The layers of acrylic give the painting her signature glow. 

The pose of the pet(s) and the colors for the background are discussed before the project begins. It is possible to have more than one pet in the painting, and the sizes vary from small to as large as you like. 

Prices for these special treasures start at $650 for an 11" x 14" canvas. Larger sizes are better for creating a dynamic statement piece, or for incorporating more than one pet on the canvas.  All paintings come ready to hang...they have special painted sides and come with hook and wire. (They can be framed if you wish!)

Nina's advice is, "Don't wait to have your portrait done." Sadly, we lose our beloved animal friends too quickly. Your beautiful portrait, reminding you of special moments together, will be a continual source of happiness.